13 - December - 2017


Blues - Jazz - Urban - World Jazz
From Ottawa, Ontario


Multidisciplinary artist, YAO is comparable to a modern troubadour.

From Togolese parents, this Franco-Ontarian artist born in Ivory Coast, succeeds in differentiating himself through a soft blend of Spoken words, Jazz and Blues, thus bringing a new flavor to the French urban music.

Although he first stepped on a stage at the tender age of 9 - theater, 1996 - Yao officially began his musical career in 2005 with the creation of a group called "RenEssence."  Followed by a first solo album entitled "Generis" in October 2011. 

By his particular lyrical approach, he takes the essence of his style through his texts  which he considers to initially be poems and short stories intended to be set to music and sung. The resultant force of this musical approach, says Yao, is that it keeps in memory of his original source, a particular character marked by the abundance of images, the movement of the style and variety of rhythm.

Through the years, he also began a career on the small screen by being an extra in many programs such as "Sciences Point Com" (Science dot com), animated the "Vox Pop" and "Q&A" sections of the show "C'est de mes affaires" (This is my business) and participated for a year in the creation of the TV documentary "L'École des rêves" (School of Dreams)  which aired on TFO, Art TV, Radio-Canada, in France and in Belgium.

To sum it up, Yao is a poet.

An avid promoter of cultural diversity and the pursuit of knowledge. A troubadour spreading the values and ideals of courtly society, seeking simply to gain freedom through culture, especially literature and music.

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Band Members

Olivier Philippe-Auguste (Viola)
Manon Gaudreau-Fess (flûte traversière)
Ammayas Khidas (djembe/derbuka)
Peterson Altimo (Bass guitar/Acoustic Guitar)


Yaovi Hoyi
Intello-Production Inc
Email: infos@yaomusique.com
Phone: 613-327-1406
Mobile: 613-327-1406
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada, K1T0H3


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